Monday, July 26, 2010

What A Sweet Couple!

Yet, Last thursday saya pergi tabung haji with my mum.Yup,mmg saya sort of busy skang.Yelah,doing my wedding preparation (which u can read it on,nak cari duit lagi. Anyhow, tgh dok tunggu my mum settlekan her business, ade one sweet couple yang not so tua but da kira warga emas la. maybe around 60-70yrs old. Diorang sagtlah sweet!yang old lady was sitting belakang saya and just waits for her hubby then her hubby came:

WIFEY: darl, u want grab some coffee???
HUBBY: oh,y not.jomla.i pun rasa nak tea tarik.
WIFEY: ok,come.we go to foodcourt k.
HUBBY: ok dear.
owh,maybe u will think this is not so sweet but for me,pada usia yang da agak tua, it sound so sweet.very romantik!
Yup!its reminds me of my relationship between me and my future hubby-to-be.even we dont get married yet,our relatinship is almost 5 years now.alhamdullillah.and insya allah this coming january,we will tie-the-knot.

For me personally, just doa and tolak ansur antara couple will make the relationship goes well.Doa is very important and yet kene selalu discuss with our partner. Insya allah everything will be fine.And saya pernah baca one book that said, "Selalulah bersembahyang jemaah dengan pasangan kita and keharmonian keluarga insya allah akan berada di samping kita".

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